Read only events.


I have some ‘read only’ events inserted by the server logic.

I also have some events added by the users with a field in the lightbox call ‘typeofevent’ - for different user input event types.

I would like this ‘typeofevent’ field to be blank on the ‘read only’ events.

Is this possible ?



And what value does it have now?

Can you simply assign empty value for that field for read-only events?

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I think I need this logic in the Javascript on the client because these ‘read only’ events are sent to many ‘users’ calendars whose selection of ‘typeofevent’ are different.

Is it possible to use the event ‘readonly’ property to cause the ‘typeofevent’ field to be hidden / deleted ? (ie. for some events)

If so where would be the best place for this logic ?

Thanks again.

Do your read-only events have some value in ‘typeofevent’ property?
What is displayed in lightbox? Simply first option in the list?

You can add another option in your ‘typeofevent’ list of options with empty value. Can be done on client or server sides. As your read-only events most likely don’t have value in that property empty one will be displayed.

Hope that makes sense.

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Yes - first option in list is displayed.

Thanks what I was a little confused by was where the logic needs to go on the client side to set the typeofevent field to ‘empty’ for the readonly events.

Perhaps I have not quite understood the handling of the set of events once scheduler.load
is called.

If I need logic like

if (event.readonly == true)

// Do the eventtype setting


where should this be called from to look at all loaded events ?

It would be good in general to understand if it is possible after a load to interogate all the events.

I am not sure if you are looking for something like this:

for(var evs in scheduler._events)
     var ev=scheduler._events[evs];
     // ev is the event object

Thanks I have just found “onEventLoading” which seems to do the trick.