Reading additional data from XML file

using the mobile scheduler I would like to be able to put additional data in the XML file and use that to display in the event detail. I have used scheduler.templates.selected_event to customize the view but can’t seem to able to get the additional data fields. I added them to the xml file but can’t seem to find out how to retrieve it.

The first parameter of selected_event template is data object. You may get any data property from it:

scheduler.templates.selected_event = function(obj,type){
var myprop = obj.myprop;

return …;

I tried that but I don’t seem to be able to see any fields other than the pre-defined ones.
Below is a code sample.

scheduler.templates.day_event = function(obj,type){
var html = “”;
var extra=obj.extra;

Extra is defined in the XML file. I can read obj.start_date, obj.end_date and obj.details without problem. When I look at obj using Firebug in Firefox I don’t see any of the extra xml fields in the file. I load the file with the code below:


Any help would be appreciated.


Please provide the example of xml that you are loading in scheduler.