Reading extra data from vault upload


I am using the vault component… IN the php examples I see:
“state” => true, // saved or not saved
“name” => $filename, // server-name
“extra” => array( // extra info, optional
“info” => “just a way to send some extra data”,
“param” => “some value here”
HOW do I read the “extra” data I set in the php from the js client??
onuploadcomplete returns a files object with:

  1. error: false
  2. id: “152”
  3. lastModifiedDate: Sat Jul 28 2018 11:56:28 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time) {}
  4. name: undefined
  5. serverName: “error.log”
  6. size: 87
  7. uploaded: true
    Which do not correspond to the values sent by the php above!


Please, check your “upload_handler.php”. it has several scenarios for the different modes, like: “html5”, “html4”, “conf”, “sl”.
Make sure that you’ve added your “extra” data to the script corresponding to your using mode.