Readonly not working?

Can anybody take a look at this link and help me figure out why the read only isnt working?
I set parameters via an if statement (line 237) … Steininger

You should be able to open the one entitled: Ethan Steininger

if you mean the ability to edit your event by clicking a ‘pencil’ icon, it can be removed with this config … onfig.html

Not what I meant,
Try opening any event, none will open despite the fact that your name (URL) = the header of the event

sorry, not sure i get it
event.readonly’ property do not blocks the lightbox, but shows it in readonly mode.
If you need to disable the lightbox for certain events you need to return false from onDblClick or onBeforeLightbox events … event.html … event.html

Currently isEditable function on your page always returns false and all events are opened in readonly mode.