Readonly version of a double clicked event?


All the visitors opening the calender should only read the events, what can I do to make the edit dialogbox readonly ?

I tried scheduler.attachEvent ( "onClick’ , function ( event_id, native_event_object) { ###do something### but what ? } );

Can you help me please ?


Marco Weller


the read-only scheduler was discussed in the following post … 28&a=15677

Here you can find the modified version of dhtmlxscheduler.js

… ok, thanks for the very fast response, but that doesn’t fit my needs exactly.

Ok, I will explain more detailled.

Now nobody can edit the event entries, thats ok so far, but I cannot see what is the event exactly I can only see the subject or topic but nothing else … if there are some more details in the even description.

Is there any possibility to achieve that - I thought about a bubble tip or something like that with scheduler.attachEvent ( “onmouseover” , function()… ) or something like that, are there any examples ?

with kind regards

Marco Weller

Scheduler provides onClick event. It handler gets id of the scheduler event and event object. You can use id to get details and event object the define clicked position:


var left = e.clientX;

var top = e.clientY;