Ready Only Light box - Close


Issue #1:
I am able make the light box ready only by using the following statements.
scheduler.config.readonly_form = true
I have an issue i.e. cancel button is also hiding on light box hence i am not able to close the light box if it is opened.

Issue #2:
I have category dropdown in my lightbox and i would like to select the Category 3 as default option in case of new event.

Could you please let me know how should I solve this.



Could you please let me know the solution to achieve this.


you may set initial value for it, something like this:

var select = new LightboxCheckbox("category", "Category"); .... scheduler.InitialValues.Add("category", category3.key);

as for your first issue,
in our samples it works well

scheduler.Extensions.Add(SchedulerExtensions.Extension.Readonly); scheduler.BeforeInit = new List<string>() { "scheduler.config.readonly_form = true;" };with this config i’ve got readonly form with ‘Cancel’ button in the bottom-right corner. Do you have any css settings that may affect it?