Really read only grid

I have set grid read only on client with following snippet:

  feedback.attachEvent('onEditCell', function(stage, rId, cInd, nValue,
      oValue) {
    return false;

How to do the same on server side, using other connector or set options somehow. Here is php code:

require_once("../dx/connector/grid_connector.php");//includes connector file
require_once 'pdo.php';

$grid = new GridConnector($conn);             //initializes the connector object

Where is php connectors documentation?

It is not available to define the events on the server-side.
You also may use the setEditable() method on your client-side:
to set the read-only mode for your grid…

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But I can inherit connector class, making empty update/insert methods? please help me with some example, or documentation link.

Could you please, clarify what you mean.
Here you can find a sample with the enabled read-only mode:

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I found a way to make it at server side in beforeProcessing event of connector. Good documentation, Im not very familar with it yet, thanks!