Reasons for performance problems (resource diagram)

Dear all,

currently i have performance problems if i activate ressource diagram function at my gantt view.
when i start start my gantt view without ressource diagram i can move very fast on timeline with some task and i get no performance problems with the just in time update.

when i activate ressource diagram elements below my gantt chart an i move some tasks on timeline i get delay for every move. (move, secund wait, move secund wait)

it is definently opposite to the official exampl on dhtlmx, there we have a “speed” performance update.
At first i have thought is maybe associated while he refresh DOM elements or other operation do during "gantt.templates.resource_cell_class = function(start_date, end_date, resource, tasks){ … cstom code} " are running but i get the same result if i turn off all other operation in this functions.

-> i move some tasks, secund wait, move -> secund wait.

Maybe have someone experience to say what i can do or where ic can look.

Thank for all response

Resource diagram is a new functionality and it will be gradually improved, including it’s perfomance.
If you provide more details about the issue, it will be helpful for us.

If you can share any example or provide with access to your application where the issue can be reproducel - it will be great. Or may be you can reproduce the issue in any ready sample with your data (, if so - please send us data.

Hello Polina,

thank you for your feedback.
of course, i have prepare a example on jsfiddle which base on exact your example ( same source code , same dataset, same css). only what i have change are



I get the same result as like in my development, because i have set a realistic project timeline as your small duration time

in your example.
During i move a task i think, the loop have to go about all DOM element and look it that what is to change or not.

And this is the reason because we got a big delay while we move items on gantt timeline.

jsfiddle example


Hello Axt,

Thank you for the reply.
In future you can use DHTMLX snippet system to create a demo instead of jsfiddle:

We will improve perfomance of the Resource diagram in future, please keep track of updates.

Hello Polina,
Has the problem which is performance of resource panel at Gantt view been solved?

Hello Ervin,
The performance of the resource chart was improved in the 6.0 and 6.0.7 versions:

Now, when you drag a task, Gantt doesn’t update the resource chart immediately, it happens only after some interval and after you drop the task.
However, smart rendering still doesn’t work in the resource chart. I cannot give you an ETA on when it is implemented, but I will notify you.

Hello Ervin,
The dev team improved the performance in the 6.2 version that was released yesterday:

Now, the smart rendering is always enabled and supports the resource view:
You can see how it works in the following snippet: