Rebuild Filter Dropdowns.


I have a grid where I’ve got:


I would like it if people selecting a region would then be able to select from a list of only those countries within the region selected… basically, rebuilding the filters.

I’ve tried adding a button to see if “refreshFilters” and calling “makeFilter” again, but no luck.

There is a way to attach and event for “afterfilter”, but I’d also like to know the best way to find out which filter has been selected so I can rebuild the others.

My next step is to build the dropdown boxes manually, then use applyFilter on those boxes after changes, then iterate through the grid columns and use the results to rebuild the remaining boxes… is this going to be my only option?

The best way to archive this is to create custom filters. You can add “onchange” event to your select box and rebuild list of options if necessary. Please find more information here … :filtering

That worked. Thanks