recalculate total in group after setRowHidden


I’m using stat_total/average function in each group of dhtmlxgrid 2.1 pro version.

I want this total value to recalculate after I call setRowHidden() except for this hidden row.

I modified the following function when ungroup status. (2.0version)

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._in_header_stat_total = function(t, i, c){

var calck = function(){

var summ = 0;

for (var j = 0; j < this.rowsBuffer.length; j++) {     

    var tmpR = this.rowsBuffer[j]

    if( != “none”){ //<- Update

     var v = parseFloat(this._get_cell_value(this.rowsBuffer[j], i));

     summ += isNaN(v) ? 0 : v



return this._maskArr[i] ? this._aplNF(summ, i) : (Math.round(summ * 100) / 100)


this._stat_in_header(t, calck, i, c, c)


But, the following isn’t called after setRowHidden() for total calculation in each group,(2.1version)


    return Math.round(c+n) //Update : Math.round


How can I call this function after setRowHidden() ?

And I want to modify this to recalculate rows in each group except for hidden row.



Try to call “onGridReconstructed” event after you hiding rows: