Reccuring Events pattern gets messed up when i create a reccuring event on Saturday and sunday


I m using dhtmlx scheduler for a year now in my app and now it showing a new behaviour which that it messes up the recurring event in saturday and sunday slot i have checked my code everything is fine i have also attached a small video to demonstrate the issue i am having Reccuring event issue


Hello @Hammad963,

I followed steps from your video in this sample and the issue isn’t reproduced for me

Please update the code using the snippet system to reproduce the described issue
http://snippet.dhtmlx.com/c8efa3ccb , then click on Share button and send me the new link. Then I will try to investigate it.


thank you for replying i will do that


I am using 5.0.0 version of the dhtmlx scheduler


http://snippet.dhtmlx.com/561690adf here’s the snippet its doing the same


@Polina please reply soon our customers are facing this issue and reporting to us


You sent me the same link as in my previous reply. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue there. Specify steps how to do it if you can.

Regarding to the video - you set the event duration is less the 1 day in the lightbox http://prntscr.com/qrbv54
Then you save the lighbox and the event duration becomes several days http://prntscr.com/qrbw6y
How does this happen?

Whean I create new event with similar configuration of the lightbox in my snippet, the result is correct and different from yours: http://prntscr.com/qrbwsn