Recommendation For a Large Professional Icon Set

My application is HUGE. I need pretty much every type of icon you can imagine. I love the ones that come with DHTMLX but there not enough to fit my needs. Does anyone know of a large professional icon set that looks good with DHTMLX?

And why did DHTMLX decide to go with these icon sizes ( … _size.html) when every icon site out there seems to use 16, 24, 32, 48, 64??? You can’t find any professional icon sets that are 18px.

Does DHTMLX offer a larger icon set of the icons they use? If so, that would be perfect! And I’d be willing to purchase it.

Unfortunately, there is no additional set of icons. All available icons are included in the dhtmlxSuite package. The DHTMLX components provide a tool to build rich web UIs and the ability to customize the appearance of UI elements for your needs. There are some basic icons for dhtmlxToolbar but if you need a custom icon, you can find/create it by yourself.

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider adding more icons of different sizes in the future update.

I second this. I had to change the css of dhtmlx in order for it to display my 16x16 icons properly. This applies to the menu/toolbar/etc.

I just don’t get it. All sites out there stick to the same sizes (16, 24, 32, 48). But I have always thought 16 is too small and 24 is too big. That’s why I LOVE your 18x18 icons. But there is no where near enough icons for everyone’s needs. But you do have some 18x18 icons, which means someone made them, so can you ask that person to make more? Or give me their contact info cause my company will pay for a full set of nice looking 18x18 icons. We basically need a set like this ( see link below ), but in true 18x18 (not 16x16 with a transparent pixel border).

From all the looking I have done this seems to be the best icon set for the money: … ew_24.html

Sorry Darya, just now saw your response, I’ll just add this to the requests section.

gfrobenius, ok we have got it :slight_smile:

The toolbar is ideally sized at 18px, bumping it up to 24 is too much toolbar in many situations.

As it is ideal to have 18x18 icons–there is not an icon pack with 1500+ base icons out there. So what I’ve done is create 18x18s by adding a 1px transparent border to the 16x16s.

Here’s how to transform 1000s of images with 1 command:

Install ImageMagick

Then in dos command:

FOR %%c in (C:\my_16x16_icons\*.png) DO convert %%c -background none -gravity Center -extent 18x18 c:\my_18x18_icons\%%~nxc