Recurrence Event Issue


I found an issue with recurrent event in my Calendar POC. Please find the details below.

I have created an event by enabling recurrence option and is saved properly. Now, I have reloaded my calendar and edit recurring event by selecting the cancel in confirmation widow(“Do you want to edit the whole set of repeated event”). After that, I modified my event details and click on save. The event is saving witout event_pid i.e.0. Becuase of this, this edited event behaviour is not proper. On further analysis, I put the alert in recurring.js to check the pid of then event then I found big number as event_pid i.e. 1337455376890 and event_length i.e.1337455376589. Finally, when it comes the save method event_pid is 0 and event_length is the above number. I have verified my save method
i.e. public ContentResult Save(Event changedEvent, FormCollection actionValues). In chagedEvent object is having event_pid is 0 and event_length is above number. Where as the actionValues[“event_pid”} is having “1337455376890”(above number). I am very much confused and not able to proceed further.

Please help me how to solve this issue.


the issue is caused by incorrect name of the id property