Recurring by javascript

i’m using scheduler JS i have a scheduler for clinic Work Hours

and this is my JS Code

        url: '@Url.Action("index", "T_Working_Hours")',
        data: "clinicID=" + clinicID,
        success: function (result) {
            var d = JSON.stringify(result);
            scheduler.parse(result, "json");

this works for the saved Dates but i need that schedule to be recursive
i.e Monday schedule is used for every Monday not only that date

i’m not using the recursive form
if you recommend using it how to save to DB

Thank You


There is extension that you need to add into your app, if you want to use recurring events. Please read more in this guide. Server-side integration are also described in the article.

Thank you for response
but i don’t want to show the recurring form
as in the database image i want every event to be recurring without user selection

i.e i need the Monday event to be repeated every Monday without recurring form so when the user navigate to any week the Monday event exists

i have added rec_type,event_pid,event_length to database and added values by code
and return the values by ajax how to execute recurring by JS Code


Please clarify, you don’t want to show a lightbox form for recurring events or don’t want to use the dhtmlxscheduler_recurring extension at all?

i don’t want to show the recurring part of the lightbox and use the recurring extension by code without show it to the user
save start_date and end date and calculate the event_length and some how create the recurring

sorry but that bring a second question i want to hide the date show only the time part


You can configure the lightbox using the lightbox config scheduler.config.lightbox.sections.


time_format sets the order of date-time controls in the ‘Time Period’ section.
Please read here how to configure date-time selector in the lightbox.