Recurring - creates event on the date before current

Добрый день! Выполняю следующую последовательность действий:

  1. Создаю событие 3.11.2011
  2. Выставляю повторение каждый 1й день января, повторить 2 раза
    Ожидаю, что создадутся события 1.01.2012 и 1.01.2013. Однако, события создаются 1.01.2011 и 1.01.2012.

Зачем создавать событие в прошлом?

when creating the event in scheduler I do the following:

  1. create event on 03.Nov
  2. Set repeat event properties to: yearly, every 1 day January month, end after 2 occurencies
    I expect the Scheduler to create 2 events: 01 Jan 2012 and 01 Jan 2013. But the Scheduler creates 01 Jan 2011 and 01 Jan 2012.

Is there any sense to create the event in the past? Usually calendars create the 1st event in the series after the current date… Do you plan to fix this behavior?

Thank you.

The problem caused by the start-date auto-updating, and while it is expected scenario for the current version, we plan to update this in future ( most probably will be released till the end of year )


Is there any news regarding this problem? Or how can I fix it in a easy way? Thanks.

Unfortunately the problem is not fixed yet