Recurring Event Date Clicked


Is there a way to find out what date was clicked for a recurring event?

I have created a set of recurring events that happen every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Now the end user goes to the calendar and then goes to the next month and picks a random Tuesday on that month. When the person clicks on this random Tuesday, I need to know the date of the Tuesday that was clicked. The EventId I get is that of the recurring event which has a start date and an end date based on when the recurring interval was created. It also appends a # followed by a number to the eventid. How can I convert this information to identify the exact date that was clicked? Any help would be highly appreciated.

try scheduler.getEvent method

scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function (id) { var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id); });or

var ev = scheduler.getEvent("26#1320653100");