Recurring event deletion


When updating or removing an event, the new data must be validated from my server side.

If it’s not correct, the event must be reloaded.

To remove it I use the delete method : scheduler.deleteEvent(eventId);
where eventId is the id of the ‘root’ event.

In case of a recurrentEvent, the scheduler._events array is empty(like expected), but scheduler._rec_markers still contains some data for the removed event.

Is there a method I must call to clean it ?

Thanks for your help.

Same problem with the _event_markers_pull array.
The problem with theses arrays is that they contains data that will still have an unexpected effect after reload the event.

I’ve added this code just after the call to scheduler.deleteEvent(eventId) and the reload work normally:

	if(pair.value.event_pid == eventId){
		delete scheduler._rec_markers[pair.key];
	delete scheduler._rec_markers_pull[eventId];

There was an issue with not clearing rec-markers collection after data reloaing.
It is fixed in current dev. version and will be released as part of next version.

Please inform if you need fix ASAP, or problem occurs for different use-case


Thanks for the answer, I’ll keep my current fix until next release :slight_smile: