Recurring event problem

I have been searching on this one for a while… but couldn’t find a solution.
I have implemented the scheduler in a Joomla website.

I have a calendar with 4 units. Adding an single event works. But when I want to make a recurring event I can’t save it. I press the save button but nothings happens.
Changing an existent event also doesn’t work. Same save button problem.

This is what i see in the debug log.

Log started, 27/04/2011 09:04:38

Undefined variable: fieldsNames at C:\xampp\htdocs\MyIntranet\components\com_scheduler\codebase\dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php line 1034

SELECT event_id,text,start_date,end_date,vergaderzaal FROM jos_events_rec

Done in 0.0527589321136s

When editing I get this in my browser

[code]Message: ‘event_pid’ is empty



Go to admin page and enable debug mode on Settings tab.
After that save settings, try to create new recurring event, update existing events.

After that find files
and attach it here please.

Thanks for looking.

I zipped the two files because txt and xml are not allowed to upload. (2.41 KB)

I too am having this issue with a basic setup on WP. Is there any eta on a fix?