recurring event question

Hello friends,

Is there any ways I can change the recurring events look on the scheduler? as you can see on the attachment. Whenever i did the recurring events it will save as the section B test. If I have 2 or more recurring events in the same day, they will all display on the top same as section B test. My question is " is there any way I can make the recurring events stay in the time frame :confused: of the schedule instead of popping on the top of the schedule?


the multiday event (for ex. from 2014-02-12 16:00 to 2014-02-13 11:00) is rendered on the top of the time scale. It can be recurrung or not. A one-day recurring event will be rendered as usual, doesn’t matter how many events you add.

Also, if you are using different html page for the same data and not loading scheduler_recurring.js - scheduler will render all recurring events in such way ( without recurring.js scheduler will not recognize separate event instances and will process recurring serie as one long event )

thank you for your answers.
So if i’m not loading the scheduler_recurring.js, scheduler will display my “multidayevents” same as other events instead of popping up on the top of the scheduler? and will it still function as multiday events (repeat everyweek)?

If you are loading “scheduler_recurring.js” ( which is correct ) recurring events will be shown as expected. If you are not loading this extension, recurring events will be shown always as multiday events.

If you have wrong behavior, while correctly loading the extension, please provide any kind of sample or demo link where issue can be checked.