recurring event

I have doubts in repeat event,

  1. In “Repeat event–> Weekly” ,Days are not displaying in the order please refer the attachment.
  2. How to place date picker in ‘end by’ field rather then typing.
  3. while checking daily, weekly, monthly, yearly the height is increasing, instead of that how to place scroll bar.
    please suggest.


  1. You can move label “sunday” in the following way:
    .dhx_repeat_days td:last-child label{
    position: relative;
    top: 25px;

  2. Please, use minicalendar

  3. We haven’t built-in solution, try to solve this problem by changes css.

but i dint able to select the date by adding minicalendar for end by date. also i have used Ur example(Snippet) code, in that too we dint able to select date from minicalendar