Recurring Events Changes for Future Events

I know that currently you can edit a single event in a recurring event or edit event for all cases.
Is it possible to edit event for current and future (Google Calendar calls it All Following This Event) and not affect previous schedule?


Not possible by default.
It can be mimiced by

  • adjusting end date of original event
  • creating new recurring event in the point of editing, with same info as original event

It will split original events in two, second of which can be edited separately from the previous recurring instances.

Hi All,

Sorry for bumping up an old thread but I want to provide users with the following options when updating a recurring event

  1. selected occurrence
  2. Selected and future occurrences
  3. Entire series

This should be selected in the lightbox (default is selected occurrence) during Edit. Is there a way I can update the lightbox during an edit?

I don’t have a ready-to-use reply, but please check the implementation of the current [edit occurrence; edit series] confirm in source codes: … ng.js#L751

You can take this scheduler.showLightbox implementation and redefine it from your code doing necessary changes.
Lightbox values here are changed by providing different records to the original showLightbox method, most probably you could go with the similar approach.

I will take a look. I am about to start doing this feature manually

it looks like disabling the asking and adding an additional section in Lightbox is the better way to go. I need to break an series into two if the user picks current n future occurrences to update