Recurring events: deleting/modyfing one event in a serie.


I’d like to delete one event in a recurring events serie.
Basically, I have the following recurring event:

rec_type: “week_1___4#”
event_length: 300
start_date: “2010-11-29 00:00:00”
end_date: “2010-12-30 00:00:00”

which produces four events occuring every thursday in december.

Modyfing the whole serie isn’t a problem. One record in the database, no fuss at all.
But when trying to, say, delete only one event in this serie, I’m not sure what the database records should be like (how many new racords created).

Despite reading the docs:
"In addition to extra fields, some logic need to be added to server side controller. ( you can check samples/reccuring_events/events_rec.php for example )

  1. if event with rec_type==none wad inserted - response must have “deleted” status
  2. if event with rec_type was updated or deleted - all records with event_pid equal to the master id must be deleted
  3. if event with event_pid value was deleted - it need to be updated with rec_type “none” instead of deleting."

I’d be grateful for your help.


If you want to delete one event from the series of events you need to add one new record in the database. It should have rec_type=none, event_pid = id of the series and your response must have “deleted” status.

Best regards,

Thanks, Ilya, I think I got the hang of it now…