Recurring Events Forms Validation

I see where one can do some forms validation in the onEventSave event but how do I access the recurring events options? I know that rec_type will default some items. For example, a blank end by date will return 1/1/1900 but I would like to catch that and force them to enter a date. From what I can see, the rec_type is formed already in this event and the individual controls cannot be accessed. Is that right?

For recurring event you can check end_date property - it will have “end by date” value, if this type of recurring event limitation was specified ( if event length was not specified it will be set to new Date(9999,1,1) )

Understood. I am looking for a way to loop through the controls in the recurring event section. How can I do that?

You can get section object as

var id = scheduler.config.lightbox.sections[index];
var els = document.getElementById(id).getElementsByTagName(“input”);

where index - index of recurring section in the lightbox.
Beware that this code need to be called when lightbox is already shown