Recurring Events in Scheduler

I am using custom scheduler with jquery and html, eveything is working great. After implementing recurring events, events are added successfully and being save to DB perfectly and being retrieved as expected. Issue is when we edit a recurring event we should get a dialog saying “Edit occurance” or “edit series” we are not getting the dialog. I have added all the config and dhtmlx_recurring.js still same:
Any help will be appreciated
//recurring settings
scheduler.config.lightbox_recurring = ‘Ask’;
scheduler.config.repeat_date = “%m/%d/%Y”;
scheduler.config.include_end_by = true;
scheduler.config.repeat_precise = true;


scheduler.config.lightbox_recurring = ‘ask’;
Please note, that “ask” should be written with all small letters. Perhaps it’s a cause of the issue.

‘ask’ is default value for this config, you can not specify it at all.