Recurring Events Issues

  1. It is very difficult to edit a recurring event. When one saves the edit, the event will “leave” the schedule area and peaks out of the top of the schedule area. To edit a recurring event, it is best to delete the recurring event and replace with a new recurring event.

  2. What is correct format for the end date of a recurring event? No matter what format I use, it doesn’t work. The only dates that seem to work are 01.01.2013 , 01.01.2014 , etc.


  1. could you provide link to your scheduler page with ability to create/edit recurring events? Previous link doesn’t work for now.
  2. Usual date format is “YYYY-mm-dd HH:ii:ss”

The link no longer works because the entire installation crashed… both the website and the database are no longer accessible through Joomla or the url. (This may be due to the fact that my ISP server did not have correct version of PHP to work with Joomla 2.5.6.)

So I have started testing in Joomla 1.15.26.

If, in the front end, I enter the end date for a recurring event as mm.dd.yyyy then it works. If I try to edit a recurring event, it disappears entirely. If an edit is needed, it is best to delete the current recurring event and enter a new one.

PS: In the forum, even though I check off “Notify me when a reply is posted”, I don’t receive a copy of the email… other than “some” replies inside the Private Messaging User Control Panel of the forum.