Recurring Events not rendering properly when First Day of week is changed using week_start configuration


end_date: “9999-01-01 12:00”
event_length: “1”
rec_type: “week_2___0,1#no”
start_date: “2022-06-11 20:00”

using week_start I changed start day of week from Monday to Tuesday. So for above configuration, events should render on 12 June(Sunday) and 13 June(Monday) as start day of week is tuesday and sunday,monday for this week are not yet completed. But events are rendering on 12 June and 20 June See the Capture


I reproduced the issue, it turns out the scheduler ignores the change in the starting day of the week. If the event starts on 2022-06-11, then it refers to the week from 2022-06-06 to 2022-06-12. Therefore, the event on Sunday is displayed 2022-06-12 properly. Monday has already passed this week, so the next one is only a week later.
I have confirmed the bug and added it to our tracker, thank you for paying attention to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a workaround for this issue. The bug will be fixed at some point, but I can’t give you any ETA for it.