Recurring events on custom form - Urgent - Please help :(

I have a custom form like the following

//code start
scheduler.showLightbox = function(id){
var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
scheduler.startLightbox(id, html(“my_form”) );
html(“description”).value = ev.text;
// other coding stuffs

How do I implement the recurring interface within the custom form ?


Recurring section can be used only with the default lightbox. For the custom form you will have to re-write this section which is a difficult stuff because of complex logic there.
Unfortunately I can not offer better solution for now.

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thanks for your quick response, Would you mind giving me an idea of how to start, because I desperately need this. My custom form contains complex logics and other stuffs :frowning:


Check out Recurring events page in our documentation. Your form need to implement all that logic.

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Hi @anavas, were you able to get this working?

I just started using the scheduler component and ran into this same problem.

There is no officially supported solution for such use-case.
It looks for me as rather complex task.