Recurring Events on Server Side


Quick question regarding recurring events on the server side. Due to the scheduler implementation, recurring events are stored as one record within the database. For what I am trying to achieve, I need to know if there is an event happening lets say in the middle of that recurring event.

For example,

start_date: 08/20/2019 08:00:00;
end_date: 08/29/2019 09:00:00;

I want to know if there is an event happening on 08/23/2019 at 08:00 on the server side.

Is there an implementation on the server side that I have not come across that takes care of this for me already?

Thank you.

Hi @Draklin,

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check it on the server side.

I can suggest you try using either scheduler-helper-php for php or Recurring Events Helper for NodeJS.

Hi @Polina

Actually worked it out a little differently, we can gather all the recurring events on the client side, therefore we send the objects to the server and take care of what ever we need. There are some what issues with that as well, but for now this solves our problem at the moment.

In case if you need to get an array of single events within a specific interval, you should use the List<object> GetOccurrences(IEnumerable source, DateTime from, DateTime to) method of the helper DHTMLX.Common.DHXEventsHelper class. As parameters, the method takes the collection of items, start and end dates (set the time interval you want to get instances of single events from).

This helper class could take care of it for us if we needed to on the server side?


Hi @Draklin

Yes, the method works on the server side.