recurring events problem

I am having a problem getting the scheduler to display recurring events. When going to the date the recurring event first starts the browser locks up for a minute or so (javascript) then when it finally finishes loading no events are displayed. I was trying to copy the example record in your documentation.

The connector

This generates the following XML which is just a single record

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>

Calendar loads fine with non-recurring events

The rec_type code - day____ - It is ill formed
Was it generated by client side code or was added manually?

Added manually, I was copying the data from this example on the January 3rd one. … ing_events

I think I have it working now though after changing to day_1___#

there is an error in that example, sorry for the inconvenience. Instead of “day____” there must be “day_1___”, hash at the end is optional.
We’ll fix it the nearest time.

How do you represent something like “Last Monday of the month”

year_1_1_4_ (4th monday) but some months have 5.

With current recurring functionality - you can’t :frowning: