Recurring Events - Selected Date as default

When i create an event within the scheduler, which i would like to make recurring, i would do so selecting the day and time, create an event and enable the recurrence.

Within the recurring section, in the weekly, monthly and yearly view, the selected day is ignored, and it has always Mondays.

In the attached example, which i took from your website, you can see i selected Thursday 4:15,
This is correctly displayed within the Event Details Time period. however as you can see, there is no default value set. Weekly is always unchecked, monthly is always Mondays.

I could not find any config section, or within the forum how to enable this. Is there a possibility to enable that it takes the selected day as default and C it within the recurrences ?

Unfortunately, currently there is no way to have such functionality. Recurring form doesn’t updated to the current date automatically.