Recurring events start date


When I define monthly event, e.g. every 2nd every month, end date 01.01.2011, I get the start date as 02.10.2010 (current month) and events on 02.10.2010, 02.11.2010 and 02.12.2010.
Is there a tweak to add recurring events so, that the start date is not in the past?

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  1. Open dhtmlxscheduler_reccuring.js file.
  2. Locate following code

Change it to:


Basically we deleted T.start.setDate(1) part.

Hope this helps.

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Well, it didn’t work. You could post a changed file of dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js, so I can verify, that my fix and your fix are the same.

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Edited file in the attachment. Be sure to clear browser’s cache.
Double click 12th October, select Month option, create event which occurs every first Monday with no end date.
Expected result: 01 November is the first occurrence of the event.

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Ilya (16.8 KB)


I wanted to notify that although this change should work ok for now fix won’t be included in the upcoming version. While, strictly speaking, if you create event on 13 November which should occur every first Monday event should not be displayed on 01.11 yet usability suffers: now user has to click on the 01.11 day to create such an event and more importantly - user has no feedback if event was created as it won’t be displayed on the current month.

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