Recurring events

Is there a way to remove the “no end date” and “after X recurrences” options from the recurring section in the details form? I want all users to use an end date.


The logic of reccuring extension expects to have such fields.
But you can try to edit form template ( in dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js ) and add display:none to elements which you want to hide.

Thanks. That worked. Hopefully it won’t cause problems down the line.

The other issue I’m having is that recurring events are loading incorrectly - I store all the standard fields as with other events, in addition to the correct rec_type, event_length, and event_pid (of 0). However, all recurring events load so that on the details form “After ‘undefined’ occurrences” is checked (with the word undefined) rather than “end by” with the corresponding end date. However, the event is rendered the correct number of times…

Be sure that you only have not made any customization to form template except of display:none styles, extra html elements may break form filling logic.

If issue still occurs for you - provide the value of rec_type ( from DB ) which is rendered incorrectly in the lightbox form.