Editing/deleting a certain occurrence in the series

what difference between normal event when chose "edit occurrence " ???

In case of recurring serie, edit results in creating of new record in a database, which will store info about recurring serie exception.

i don’t use native Server-side logic.

I create my php scenario, in my case i cant see difference between edit normal event whit out recurring and edit occurrence and series.

Before edit occurrence or series popup windows for select occurrence or series to edit what button value are ??? it helps me to know it be only edit current series or create new one occurrence :slight_smile:

It doesn’t possible to get value of pressed button, it is used locally and nether stored.
If you are using custom recurring processing, it may be better to remove popup at all, by using

scheduler.locale.labels.confirm_recurring = “”;

funny but now i can edit series of recurring ???

it always get to occurrence :wink:

how to direct go to edit series without popup message ???

i found difference between series and occurrence.

thx for advice :wink: