Recurring - Repeat Event Section

Hi All,

I have searched a lot but couldn’t find a solution to disable the Repeat Event Section of recurring events form by default. Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advanced.

If you will not include dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js - the section will not appear at all.

For newly created events, section in lightbox will be closed if they have not rec_type property set ( by default it is not set after new event creation )

Thanks a lot for prompt response. I want the repeat section in form but it not be opened by default. It should be disabled. If user wants to repeat event then user should click on enable button to enable it.

Can anyone please give me the solution?

It must be so by default
Try to run the default sample from scheduler’s package


after creating new event - lightbox has recurring section as “disabled”

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: