Recurring scheduler "Collision" detective

Hi Team,

I used “ext_collision.js” to make collision detective, but it seems couldn’t work properly on recurring scheduler.

I noticed that both “dhtmlscheduler.js” and “dhtmlscheduler_recurring.js” had “getEvents” function, so how could use them when I wanted to use recurring “getEvents”.

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Collision detection can work correctly when normal event is compared with other ones ( normal vs normal and normal vs recurring ) , but it doesn’t possible to compare events in recurring vs recurring situation.

You can try to do the next

a) use getEvents for desired time periods and from received data select only events with ID of event in question
b) for each of such records call collision_check method

Hi Stanislav,

I tried to do what you said, but was there a way to parse recurring event to get all time periods in javascripts?

For example, the “rec_type=week_1___1,2,3,4,5#5”, I got below events time periods:
2010-06-13 16:00:00, 2010-06-13 20:00:00
2010-06-14 16:00:00, 2010-06-14 20:00:00
2010-06-15 16:00:00, 2010-06-15 20:00:00
2010-06-16 16:00:00, 2010-06-16 20:00:00
2010-06-17 16:00:00, 2010-06-17 20:00:00

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there a way to parse recurring event to get all time periods in javascripts

Currently it will require quite complex code
Attached js file is the updated version of recurring extension, it adds one more method to the scheduler


method will return array of object, each of which has start_date and end_date properties. (5.43 KB)