Recurring scheduler error with "End By" option

Hi Team,

I tried to update my recurring scheduler with “End By” option, but I always got error in IE/Chrome. Please refer to my below detailed description/steps:

  1. added a recurring events with option “End By=01.01.2012”
  2. exit IE/Chrome
  3. re-open the IE/Chrome and opened scheduler
  4. double click my added recurring event which had the option “End By=01.01.2012”
  5. error happened and save/cancel/delete buttons couldn’t work properly

But my recurring event with options “After xx occurrences” or “No End” I didn’t see the error.

I tried to debug the error in IE and I got below information:
function set_repeat_code(code,dates){

case “”:

Here “dates.end” always had the value “undefined”. Please refer to attachment.

Best wishes,


Can you provide start_date, end_date and rec_type values for event in question ?

Normally, during form initialization , scheduler places ev.end_date to the dates.end. So if event have meaningful value of date_end - it will be used as “end by” value.

( also may be you have any kind of demo link or sample, where issue can be reconstructed ? )

Hi Stanislav,

It seems lost to initial the parameters in “recurring” function. Please see my change in codes in attachment.

Best wishes,


Problem confirmed and fixed ( similar to the fix which you have provide, thanks by the way )
Fix will be included in next version of dhtmlxscheduler.