recurring scheduler readonly event

Hi,i have a problem at rec scheduler
step 1:
I set scheduler.config.readonly_form=true at the event of onChange like this:
step 2:
then,I do this,“scheduler.config.readonly_form=false”
step 3:
last,I create a new lightBox,but I lost the “Repeat event” of the box.

could you attach a complete initialization code of the scheduler?

Any updates on this issue ? I have exactly the same problem here. When i set lightbox to readonly mode, if the event is recurrent, the recurring section is not displayed at all.

well, we still lack configuration code or a demo to reproduce the issue.
Could you please provide us with some code/demo/instruction on how to reproduce the error?

Hello again, i created a simple snippet here. As you can notice, after you create a recurring event and try to edit it (“Edit Series Mode”), Recurring Section isn’t shown.

ahh, do you mean that recurring block is not visible in readonly form?
If so, that is expected behavior. Readonly extension can’t convert the recurring block to a readable block automatically.
What you can do is to add a template control for recurrence description, and inject it to sections config when readonly event is being opened