how i realize repeat event only repeat in sheduller not in DB …

when event has repeated few times and then it delete, events that past no more exists ???

or how i can set that one event has completed (passed day and it saves to DB) and next(repeating event) is wait for confirmation to complete (in Sheduller) ???

Sorry, I’m not fully undestood your qustion.
But while normally events repeat only on client side, if you have customized any of recurring event instances - it will have separate record in DB.

yes i need separated events, but i need to watch status of event that already done by specific men or value that inserted to the event :wink:

then save past event that have status=“completed” for example and than recurring event with status=“waiting for event”.

all events saves in database only difference with two events that for example status=“completed” and linked to other DB like archive, other events status=“waiting for event” like recurring and those that event day not become.

Maybe exist solution for this small plan :wink: