Recursive section end date with calender

How I do to put the calendar on End date in recursive section (see image attached) ??

Currently it is not supported natively.
You can edit recuring form template and attach any third party calendar control.


Steps to compile template in js file … tom_locale

I make the code for open dhtmlxCalender “End date” on focus event, but the calendar is behind the form (see image attached), can you help me to show it correctly??

var evt = document.getElementsByName(“date_of_end”);
var calset = false;

    if(evt != null)
        jQuery(evt).bind("focus",function() {
                jQuery(evt).attr("id", "date_of_end"); // set attribute id for the date_of_end field
                mCal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject("date_of_end");   
                calset = true;

I try to set zindex for div,but its also not working:
jQuery(“[class=dhtmlxcalendar]”).css(“z-index”, “9999999”);


Add the next css style on the page

.dhtmlxcalendar{ z-index:10002; }