Red line at current time mark_now feature

Red mark line is disappearing after using scheduler.updateview in schedular.attachEvent(“onViewChange”, function(){… in this function adding scheduler.addMarkedTimespan()…

After a minute the red mark line is showing automatically.
Could you please tell me what is the mistake I am doing?


Same problem here. The red mark line only appears one minute after using scheduler.updateView(), whereas it works correctly (appears directly) when using scheduler.setCurrentView().

Any ideas?

the current time marked is binded to an onViewChange event, it won’t be refreshed after scheduler.updateView (which does not trigger this event)

Try adding marked timespans using onBeforeViewChange event, then you won’t need to redraw scheduler manually as it anyway will happen after beforeViewChange fired. That would also reduce the potential performance problems. … event.html

Thanks thibault, its working using scheduler.setCurrentView().

Thanks aliaksandr for reply, It wont worked with onBeforeViewChange. Actually in onViewChange I am blocking time span for filling time for sections. This is done by ajax call with reference … espan.html. If I comment scheduler.updateView() line, red line is showing.