Redrawing of downstream tasks once end date of a task extended

Is there a configuration or other option to cause downstream tasks to be “pushed out” and redrawn when the end date of a task, upon which it has a start to finish dependency, is pushed out?

Specifically say I have 2 1 day tasks that are supposed to start April 15th and and April 16th and start April 16th and end April 17th, but the 2nd task cannot start until the first task is complete. If I change the duration (or end date) of the first task to April 17th, I would like the 2nd task start time to be automatically adjusted. Is this possible?

Thanks and sorry if this has been addressed and I just missed it.

Hi @MSIScott!

Yes, its possible. You need to use Gantt Auto Scheduling extension that gives Gantt the ability to schedule tasks automatically depending on relations between them.

To use the auto scheduling functionality, you should include the dhtmlxgantt_auto_scheduling.js extension on the page:
< script src="…/codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_auto_scheduling.js"></ script >

And set the auto_scheduling property to true:
gantt.config.auto_scheduling = true ;

Here is the related article:

Here is the related sample:

Great, thanks! Will give it a try.