Reduce left margin on events text in timeline

Hi All

I’m trying to reduce the left margin in the event of a timeline. I tried editing the padding-left of the .dhx_cal_event_line class, and it moves the text, but it also causes a gap between consecutive events as shown below. Here is the default styles:

Now with padding-left set to 2px. The text has moved left, which is what I want, but it’s caused a gap between the events (highlighted in red).

Here’s a jsfiddle. If you uncomment line 7 in the CSS (padding left), the left margin increases to it’s default and the gap disappears


Is this the correct way to change the left margin?



task line has relative big left padding by default, and since it is displayed in box-sizing:content-box, the component calculates the style width accordingly (i.e. style width = calculated width - left/right paddings).
If you decrease left padding, you need to increase the right padding accordingly so their sum stays unchanged

Thanks a lot!

I guessed it was something like that.