Reduce size of empty div on left of timeline x axis

Hi All

Anyone got any ideas how to reduce the size of the empty div above the section names? I can reduce section name divs, but then they are offset from the axes as shown below

Thanks in advance


did you reduce the size of the section label area using “dx” property of the timeline view?
It’s a quite strange screenshot, it seems there are some conflict in CSS rules (box-sizing, etc.).

Hi Serge

Thanks for reply. No idea how I missed that!

Was trying with stuff like this

width: 100px !important;

Thanks again!

You guys are great. I get way better support from you guys than most vendors that I’m paying for support. If you ever need a testimonial let me know!

I am having a similar problem - I am not able to get the width of the ‘y’ labels to be less than 200px. I have tried using scheduler.xy.scale_width, but that seems to be ignored in the timeline view.

I’m not sure what you mean by setting the ‘dx’ property? Can someone elaborate?

Nevermind - after some digging around I found exactly where it is defined: … eview.html