Reducing footprint on installation


Downloaded and installed dhtmlxSuite 2009 Rel.2 DHTMLX 2.5. Simple extract…all good.

If implemented, this suite will be part of the EAR file we deploy to our Application Server, and it looks like it adds about 15MB to the size of the installation file.

Now, there are things in this suite that do not need to go into a production deployment.

  • ‘samples’ and ‘sources’ contained within most widget folders
  • libCompiler

I can go through and remove what I believe we don’t need for deployment, but as always there’s a risk that I’ll remove too much, and cause issues. For people that purchase the suite, has this ‘repackaging’ work already been done?



you should included only files those are necessary for your application (.js, .css and images). Check samples for the components - there you can see what files are necessary for the initialization