Reflect the changes in other pane in splitter

I have three views in my splitter(3w) in left-pane,center-pane and right-pane.

I have loaded left-pane and center-pane and right-pane views inside the splitter using
dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachURL(“/SearchCritiria/Index”) method.
The view which is in my center-pane(b) contains a button “details”,when i click on this button the corresponding details has to display on the view page which is in the right-pane(c).
can tell me how to do this?
Any suggestions…

Method attachURL() loads contents in iframe, therefore you can use getFrame() method to get content. … getframe&s[]=getframe

Sample of using:

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject('parentId',"3U"); dhxLayout.cells("a").attachURL('../___labs/content_.html'); var ifr = dhxLayout.cells("a").getFrame(); var a = ifr.contentWindow.document.getElementById("content");