Refresh all grid data after event update


I use the Scheduler to create a meeting tool in a school.
Teachers propose some dates and student may book one (and only one) of those dates.
So, if a student change is mind, he can apply for a new date. As a result the previous date is released and the new date is associated with the student ID.

It works fine inside the database but not in the Scheduler.
I should refresh the data in the grid on each event update (javascript side).
Refreshing the whole page could be an idea too…

How to handle that?



you can clear and reload the scheduler from code, probably this is what you need … _load.html … arall.html

Yes, this should work. But from where can I call this method?
I would like this to be called after updating data is the database.

I have tried this:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventChanged”, function(id,ev){

But this give me the following error:
TypeError: this.getEvent(…) is undefined

if you use dhtmlx dataProcessor, then you can reload data from afterupdate handler - reload info after changes has been saved to the backend … event.html