Refresh data in grid

hello I want to refresh the grid with new data in XML format, but I will not use the method of clearAll() and then load the data and that keeps me doing what would be the state of the group and the scroll bar.
I tried the method updateFromXML, but only works when the xml data from a url.
Any ideas on how to update data on the grid without user clearAll() and load?

Sorry for my english translation.


unfortunately the only way in this situation is to use clearAndLoad() method.
To restore your filters and cursor position you may use the similar example:

var selectedId=mygrid.getSelectedRowId(); filterObject=mygrid.getFilterElement(2).value; mygrid.clearAndLoad("grid.xml",function(){ mygrid.selectRowById(selectedId); //selects row by ID mygrid.getFilterElement(2).value=filterObject; mygrid.filterByAll(); });

The problem i have is that the scrollbar to navigate in the grid is initialized after making ClearAll() and parse (xml data) and does not maintain the state where the user left off. As you can restore the state of the scrollbar?
Thank you for your help.

You may try to use getStateOfView(); method to find the index of the top visible row:

And than you can use showRow() method to scroll to the needed row: