refresh filters

Hi, I have a grid with 4 #select_filter in the grid. When I select one filter it shows into the grid the rows that match, and the others filters show all the options, I want the others filters to show only the options that appear into the grid after usign a filter, because the filters show options that are not in the column. How can I do That, refres the values of all filters when one of them is selected??


It can be done only with custom filter in the header … ader_extra … rid_header

thanks for replaying.

How can I get the values of the column when the filter is ended, I was using CollectValues but it gives me all the values that the column has, but I want to get only the values that are showed in that moment, after aplaying a filter.


You should manually iterate through filtered and get value of necessary cell:

for (var i=0; i<mygrid.getRowsNum(); i++){ var value=mygrid.cellByIndex(i,COLUMN_INDEX).getValue() }