refresh grid on certain cells

Hi Guys,

hopefully you can help me on this one. I have a grid which has a subgrid for each row. The values of the subgrid depend on the values in the parent row. When the grid is loaded initially all values are correct. However, if a user makes a change in certain cells of the rows this results in a change sent to the server which also should result in a change to the data in the subrows. If the subgrid has not been expanded/created then everything is fine since it is only pulling the info from the server at this point. However, if the subgrid is already created and the user then makes a change in a certain cell in the parent row, I need to be able to somehow reload the data in the subgrid to refresh the data there. I cannot find a way of refreshing the subrow, so I was just trying to refresh the entire grid when certain cells in rows in the parent grid are changed but I cannot get this to work either. My only way of working this at the moment is refreshing the entire grid each time the user tabs through any fields, which is not very good.

Is there a way to
(a) Refresh the subgrid of a row via API through an event when a cell in the parent row is changed, or
(b) Refresh the entire grid when a cell in the parent row is changed (for example if cellindex 5 was changed but no other cell), or
© Access the subgrid object of that row to change the values in certain cells within that subgrid?


Current version of dhtmlxGrid doesn’t support such functionality. Please open ticket at and we’ll provide you workaround

You should look at the serialization methods: … ialization

This is tougher but maybe what you want: … aprocessor

or: … ntegration

Accessing subgrids can be a pain you may need to expand the source and find what they call it.