Refresh layout grid without blinking

Hi, it’s possible refresh grid without blinking ? i want refresh grid on page each 5sec, but when refreshing grid is blinking…

Unfortunately it’s not available.
In the process of reloading the grid clears and then populating with the new data.
You may try to use updateFromXML() method to decrease the “blinking”. … atefromxml

HI i use update from xml, but it’s not working grid not refreshing…
Grid refresh only when i press f5, but page compile without errors …

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reproduced.
Here you can find a tutorial: … leted_demo

Hi, I built a handful of grids and wanted to share a few ideas.

How many rows are you refreshing in the grid? The fewer the rows, the faster the browser can perform the refresh. If you paginate the data, perhaps you can make it refresh quickly.

Another thing you may want to try is to refresh the grid cell by cell. Write a custom refresh function which loops through the new data and replaces each cell one by one or row by row.

If you wanted you could put the grid inside a layout, and then turn on the layout’s progress indicator during refresh.